July 5, 2022

About the Hostel

The University Hostel for Women (U.H.W.) popularly known as PG Women’s Hostel is the oldest and the largest hostel of University of Delhi. It was established in the year 1973 on 1st February. It is located in the North Campus and was the first Hall of Residence for research and post-graduate students of University of Delhi. Hostel was started during the vice chancellorship of Prof. Swarup Singh, Prof. Mrs. Sumati Mutatkar (Dept. of Music) was the first Provost and Prof. K.B Rohatgi (Dean, Faculty of Law) was the first Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Hostel. In 2021, the Hostel is running under the administrative leadership of its 16th Provost Prof. Ms. Neera Narang (Dept. of Education).

The hostel is built in such a way that the residents get maximum natural Sunlight and ventilation. There is a beautiful lawn surrounded by trees like Mulberry, Mango, Banana, Guava, Sapodilla, Bottle Palm, Neem, Ashok etc. There are two security guards available at main gate of hostel round the clock. The hostel premises are constructed with disabled friendly structures including the toilets and slopes/ramps. The UHW hostel provides accommodation for full-time postgraduate/ research women students of the North Campus of University of Delhi. The hostel has 275 rooms* housed in four blocks. The Hostel has single and double seater rooms. Every resident is usually provided with a study table, side table, study chair, arm chair, mirror, bed and book shelf. Each room has one built-in cupboard with doors. 

The hostel has strong democratic traditions, and each year its residents elect a Hostel President, Vice president, General secretary, Sports secretary, Mess secretary and Cultural secretary through very keenly fought elections.

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