June 11, 2023
UHW is Celebrating its 50th Anniversary (Golden Jubilee Year)


The visitor’s room is near the entrance of the hostel. It is for the external guests &visitors who come to visit the residents of the hostel. Comfortable sofa arrangements are there to provide a superior experience to the person who is waiting for their appointment or has come to visit someone. 


A well furnished sick room having a wheelchair, first aid kit, beds, almirah and other necessary items is there at the ground floor to provide the emergency first aid to the residents.


The hostel offers mess facility throughout the year. The residents are served healthy and nutritious food at reasonable rates. The dining room is equipped with a big screen TV for entertainment purpose.  The functioning of the mess involves active participation of the students. The Mess committee collectively decides the Menu and is in constant touch with the residents to take their feedback on the quality of the food served. The Dining Hall serves quality vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food for its residents. Guests and others may have meals after buying coupons for the purpose.


As “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, we at UHW have always promoted fitness over anything and encourage our residents to be physically active. Not only will it help residents improve their physical and mental well being but the healthy habits formed here will stay with them throughout their lives. Fully air-conditioned gymnasium is set up on the first floor which is equipped with a number of modern machines and equipments including trade mills, bench press, aerobic steps, twisters, dumbbells, weights, gym ball, yoga mats etc which help the residents to workout efficiently. Gym facility is provided to the residents on paying nominal amount of Rs1000/- annually which is included in annual fees. Gym timings are 5A.M. to 7 A.M & 4P.M. to 7P.M. 


It is a spacious hall having a capacity of almost 60-65 persons. The auditorium serves as a place for general entertainment programme, community meetings, and lectures. It is used for all types of award ceremonies and public gatherings. On 18th April 2017 Prof. Anima sen memorial inter-hostel debate was organized in this auditorium only. 


A peaceful, well-lit and furnished AC room provides good space for studying or reading round the clock. The reading room is meant for the resident who wants to study in a library like environment.


A laundry room is situated at the ground floor adjacent to the badminton court. 6 IoT Fully automatic machines are there which can be operated through a mobile application by the user, 8 semi automatic machines and 1 dryer is installed for the residents to wash and dry their clothes. Charges for washing clothes for 25min is Rs 7/- and for 40 min is Rs 10/- For drying the clothes for 5min an amount of Rs 5/- is charged.


Residents have the facility of playing badminton in the outdoor badminton court which is situated at the ground floor.


Common room is at the 1st floor adjacent to Gymnasium is equipped with various means of entrainment like Table Tennis, Carom etc. The hall also works as knowledge sharing spot as residents sit there for relaxation and discuss about the events happening around the world. The facility provided in the common room is for the bonafide resident members.


The hostel has three fully furnished guest rooms (for female guests only). The rooms are available for the parents and immediate family members of the residents, visiting Scholars and researchers. The rooms have to be booked in advance through the Hostel office on payment of the rent as per rules. For detailed information you can refer to clause 7.4 of UHW bulletin that is available at UHW official website


Water coolers are installed at appropriate points in the building to provide cool, filtered and safe drinking water to the residents. Hot plates & Induction on floors and Wi-Fi facility are provided to all the residents. There is a 24 hours water supply and geysers facility in bathrooms, toilets and mess. All the residents are provided with Health centre card facility of World University Services (W.U.S.) Health Centre.