July 5, 2022


Prof. Neera Narang
Department of Education
University of Delhi


Dr.Sunanda Bharti
Faculty of Law
University of Delhi

Resident Tutor
Dr. Bhupesh Rathore
Faculty of Law
University of Delhi


Professor Neera Narang has 40 years experience in the field of education, out of which she has taught for 26 years in the Department of Education, University of Delhi. She has been teaching language education, pedagogy of language (Hindi)and Understanding and Interpreting Literature. Her research interests are in the field of Language and literature, gender and curriculum studies and media.. She has a number of research papers and books to her credit.


As a provost of UHW, she aims at building a secure, serene, healthy, comfortable and friendly environment in the hostel where all the residents can interact with everyone freely, pursue their interests and develop into responsible citizens. She can be reached at (provost_uhw@yahoo.com)



Dr. Sunanda Bharti has been teaching at Law Centre-I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi for the past 17 plus years (year of entering this data is 2022). She has a number of published works to her credit on various aspects of Intellectual Property Laws, Jurisprudence, Mediation and contemporary socio legal issues of relevance.


As Warden of UHW, her aim is to responsibly look after the health, hygiene and general welfare of the students residing in the halls of residence.  She can be reached at (head@uhw.du.ac.in) 


Dr. Bhupesh Rathore has been teaching as Assistant Professor at Law centre –II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi for the past 4 Years. Her area of specialization includes family Law, Environment Law, Law of Torts, Law of women and child rights. Her Article is under publication in International Journal of Law and Ethics (ISSN (O) NUMBER-2278-3156) titled – (Comparative study of cybre laws and policies in developed and developing countries). 

She acted as a Resource person and delivered lectures in various universities and Government institutions.  She can be reached at (brathore@lc2.du.ac.in). 

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